CCI April 2014

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Order no. Date Particulars
06 of
15-04-2014 Shri Vishal Gupta                                            
 M/s Google Inc.
 M/s Google Ireland Limited
 M/s Google India private
Based on the information
provided by the Informant, CCI has found a prima facies contravention of
Section 4 of the Competition Act 2002 by Google in terms of its policies
pertainig to Adwords Accounts. CCI has directed DG to investigate in the
matter and present its report in 60 days from the date of reciept of order

74 of 2012 04-03-2014 Indian Exhibition Industry
Association v. Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Indian Trade Promotion Organization  
A penalty of 6,75,03,540.00 INR
was imposed on Indian Trade Promotion Organisation for indulging in
anti-competitive practices
05, 07,
37 & 44 of 2013
15/04/2014  M/s Madhya Pradesh Power
Generating Company Limited                                         
 M/s South Eastern Coalfields Ltd.

M/s Coal India Ltd.                                           WITH                                                                                                                           M/s
Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited.
 M/s South Eastern Coalfields Ltd.

 M/s Coal India Ltd.                                   
M/s West Bengal Power Development Corporation Ltd.
M/s Coal India Ltd. 
M/s Eastern Coalfields Limited
M/s Bharat Coking Coal Limited
M/s Mahanadi Coalfields Limited            
Sponge Iron Manufactures Association
M/s Coal India limited
M/s Central Coalfields Limited
M/s Eastern Coalfields Limited
M/s Western Coalfields Limited
M/s South Eastern Coalfields Limited
M/s Northern Coalfields Limited
M/s Mahanadi Coalfields Limited                                                               
The Commission also held the
opposite parties was in contravention of the provisions of section 4(2)(a)(i)
of the Act for imposing unfair/ discriminatory conditions and indulging in
unfair/ discriminatory conduct in the matter of
supply of non-coking coal, as detailed in the order. The Opposite party,
CIL was ordered to amend the Agreement with the consultation of the
stakeholders and informants  No penalty
was imposed on the Opposite parties as a penalty of Rs. 1773.05 Cr had been
imposed on it earlier.

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