SEBI April 2014

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Date Subject Amendment
CIR/IMD/DF/07/2014 02-Apr-14 Disclosures pertaining to Assets
Under Management
Changes in terms defined by,
Circular no. CIR/IMD/DF/05/2014 dated March 24, 2014 captioned ‘Enhancing
disclosures, investor education & awareness campaign, developing
alternative distribution channels for Mutual Fund products, etc’, the term
‘Asset under Management (AUM)’ shall be read as ‘Monthly Average Asset under
Management (Monthly AAUM)’. Accordingly, data to be disclosed as per the
format at annexure A1 and A2 of the aforesaid circular shall be Monthly AAUM
instead of AUM.
CIR/MRD/DP/11 /2014 07-Apr-14 Master Circular for Depositories Master Circular has been issued
to consolidate all circulars passed upto 31.03.2014.
CIR/IMD/FIIC/8/2014 07-Apr-14 Change in investment conditions / restrictions for FII/QFI
investments in government debt securities
Pursuant to the announcements
made in the First Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2014-15 dated April
1, 2014 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), it has been decided as
1. FIIs/QFIs shall henceforth be permitted to invest only in dated
government securities having residual maturity of one year or above.
2. Existing FII/QFI investments in T-Bills shall be allowed to taper off on
maturity/sale. No further purchases in T-Bills shall be permitted. The
investment limits vacated at the shorter end shall be available at longer
3. The overall Government Debt investment limit for FIIs/QFIs shall
remain unchanged at US$ 30billion. 
17-Apr-14 Corporate Governance in listed
entities – Amendments to Clauses 35B and 49 of the Equity Listing Agreement
SEBI has now amended provisions
of Listing Agreement, in order to harmonise it with the new rules of
Corporate Governance. These shall come into effect 01.10.2014.

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