MCA May 2014

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Notification/Circular no. Date Subject Amendment
General_Circular_10_2014 07-May-14 General_Circular_10_2014
– Certifiaction of e-forms by practicing professionals. 
It is provided that for forms certified by any practicing
professional, if there appears to be any misrepresentation, fraud etc. the
RD/ROC will be entitled to investigate against such professional and submit a
report to the concerned institute governing the professional for any
disciplinary action to be initiated against such professional
SO 1352 (E) 21-May-14 Delegation_of
powers under section 458 of CA 2013 to RDs.
Certain powers of the
Central Givernment under the Companies Act, 2013 have been delegated to the
RD, ROC and RD Noida, respectively. 
SO 1353 (E) 21-May-14 Delegation
of powers under section 458 of CA 2013 to ROCs
SO 1354 (E) 21-May-14 Delegation
of powers u-s 153 and 154 of CA 2013 to RD Noida
General_Circular_12_2014 22-May-14 General_Circular_12_2014
– Applicability of PAN requirement for foreign nationals. 
It is clarified that foreign
national need not possess a PAN unless they are required to under the
provisions of Income Tax Act, 1961. Copy of passport of a foreign national
would be a sufficient proof.

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